For many Americans, indulging in a glass of wine after work, or a beer on the weekends is harmless fun. But for a lot of people in the United States, that type of “harmless fun” can quickly spiral into alcohol abuse, dependency, and addiction. The best way to overcome addiction to alcohol is with the help of an accredited rehab center. Not all rehabs are created equal which leads many people seeking recovery to opt for a luxury alcohol rehab.

Solutions Recovery Program is one of the top-rated alcohol treatment centers in Norman OK. With highly trained and experienced therapists and a relaxing, private atmosphere, our patients can recover from alcohol addiction in complete serenity.


Alcoholism, alcohol addiction, or alcohol abuse are all synonymous for a chronic brain disease characterized by the following symptoms: inability to control alcohol consumption, being preoccupied by alcohol, and continuing to use alcohol despite the negative consequences associated with drinking. Persons suffering from alcoholism also develop a tolerance for alcohol over time, causing them to need higher amounts and more frequency of use to achieve the same effects; in addition they also experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms when use of alcohol has been reduced or completely stopped. It is possible to have a drinking problem which has not yet progressed into alcoholism. Alcohol abuse is characterized by drinking too much on some occasions which cause repeated problems in your life, despite not being fully dependent on alcohol. Binge drinking is characterized by a male consuming five or more drinks in a row and a female consuming four or more drinks in a row. Binge drinking is more common among teens and young adults and can ultimately lead to an onset of alcoholism. Both problem drinking and binge drinking can result in serious health problems and social problems which are often associated with alcohol abuse. No matter if you’re an alcoholic, problem drinker, or binge drinker, the more you drink, the greater the risks.